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What makes me tick?

Most people want to know how I got into cyber security in the first place. Looking back, I was always drawn to security because ever since I first began having an interest in technology and the future when I was younger,  I realised that so much of our existence was becoming increasingly digital, online, and inter-connected. I discovered that technology (and code) is never perfect, and there are always new ways to misuse technology – be it through innocent curiosity or intentional malicious intent, and it’s something I knew would continue to evolve…

The reality that hit me several years ago – is that cyber security will continue to become an increasingly important part of everyone’s every day life… and that’s something I want to be a part of now, and moving into the future.

Whilst we continue to see a dramatic increase in the use of technology for everything we do, we have also more recently seen an exponential increase in massive data breaches and security incidents globally. It’s the new norm. How companies and individuals prepare themselves, and respond is the real focus these days.

I enjoy writing, talking, and presenting on various cyber security topics to a variety of different audiences. These days this often ranges from board and C level executives – to small business owners, IT folk, business roles, individuals, as well as parents and children. I spent a lot of time recently touring around Australia, talking to a wide range of business owners, board members, and parents alike.

I love sharing knowledge and collaborating on cyber security – hence why I often present at external conferences and events.  I also speak a lot to worried baby boomers, parents, school kids and young adults who are new to learning how to protect themselves and being safe online, and how to best respond when hit with a scam or fraud online.

Want to talk about any cyber topic in the universe?

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