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SolarWinds global hack – so what happened?


Online trolls to face massive fines in world-first Australian cyber laws


Luscious LinkedIn Profiles – Please connect with me!?

Have you ever received a LinkedIn invitation from someone you don't actually know, but accepted it anyway because the profile photo looked 'interesting' or 'attractive'? It's one of the oldest tricks in the book used to connect with you and your contacts... would you be upset if I told you that it's just a social engineering trick? There are all...

Apple and Google Partner Up to Offer Covid-19 Contact Tracing

Apple Google Partnership for contact tracing

FBI issues warning about COVID-19 scams

They will keep coming thick and fast... everyone has an emotional trigger relating to COVID-19, so make sure you are aware of the latest cyber security scams. These COVID-19 scams will arrive any moment in your inbox!

Did the FBI get Apple to kill iCloud backup encryption? More hype! Security & privacy… and convenience rule.

WhatsApp Hack
There's been lots of hype and media coverage in tech news about Apple and iCloud backups, and convenience vs security over the past few days. The double edged sword.... recovery options, two step options, and 'who owns the recovery key'? Any 5 eyes government wanting access to user data!? Hmmmm..... Fail safe or fail secure.... Apple have their own...

Banks halt currency service after Travelex cyber-attack


New Apple iOS13.1 fix + security & privacy features you should know about

Apple iOS13 security privacy features
So, what's the big deal with Apple's iOS13 update besides Dark Mode and Apple Arcade? What's with the latest fix that's just been released - iOS13.1? There's a number of notable bug fixes and new security and privacy enhancements you should get familiar with, which are detailed below. If you're lucky enough to have a brand-new iPhone 11...
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Apple turn off group Facetime after security issue discovered (on data...

A major #Apple #FaceTime group chat bug has been recently uncovered allowing iPhone and Mac laptop users to call another device via FaceTime and...