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Essential Steps To Complete Now – Dealing With Fraud, Takeovers, & Scams

Essential Steps To Complete Now - Dealing With Fraud, Takeovers, & Scams
Are you a victim of an online scam or fraud? In the wake of all the cyber & data breaches that occurred in 2022 from Optus, Medibank, Telstra, and many others, there’s a lot of exposed breach data that is ripe for the picking, hence why it’s so important to know what to do and how to respond if you’ve...

Be Ready for the Terrible Ten: Top Cyber Scenarios

It's been hard to avoid the weekly barrage of IT security news stories and updates recently... Yet another big company hack, another data breach / or data leak. Some of the examples more recently have gained board level and senior exec interest - mainly I'd suggest due to impacted company CIOs, CISOs, and CEOs losing their jobs over these events, however...

Recover From Malware Quickly : Essential Expert Tips To Protect Your Identity, Data & System

Recover From Malware Quickly Essential Expert Tips To Protect Your Identity, Data & System
Even the smartest people fall for the common cyber tricks From time to time I sometimes hear from old friends or work colleagues or people I've presented to who have been directly impacted by cyber crime, and need some help or advice. Be it they've fallen victim to a phishing email and have been infected with some form of ransomware...

Roblox Parents Primer

Roblox now has 36.2 million active users (as at March 2021) - so it's more than likely your kids may already know about this online game. This article provides you with everything you need to know as a parent, and what to watch out for: Roblox is an awesome game that your kids will love, and if they haven't told...

How to protect yourself online

Mr Robot
In a time where companies, celebrities, and even governments are frequently coming under cyber-attack, getting hacked might seem inevitable. The good news however, is that you can do something to protect yourself, your family, and your work by following just 5 essential cyber tips. These tips stop hackers like those seen in Mr Robot in their tracks. So what’s...

Crying Baby Social Engineering

This is a great example of how human manipulation can easily trick someone into doing something they shouldn't. A crying baby and convincing friendly female voice is sure to get someone doing something they shouldn't. This video brings this technique to life!

Marc Goodman – a vision of crimes now, and in the near future

Scary wake up call looking at the darker underbelly of tech and society...

Start taking back your online privacy by making these 4 easy changes

take back privacy
Some handy tips and advice for taking back your privacy... https://www.fastcompany.com/90346476/the-4-fastest-ways-to-protect-your-online-privacy-starting-right-now

Group-IB “Ransomware Uncovered 2020 – 2021” Report Published

Group-IB Ransomware Report
Cyber security company Group-IB have recently published a eye opening report on ransomware - revealing that almost two-thirds of ransomware attacks analysed during 2020 came from cyber criminals operating on a RaaS model. The report is well worth a read, and provides insightful details on how gangs operate and info to help cyber defence teams thwart attacks. It also...

CISA issues emergency directive following Microsoft Exchange zero-day vulnerability fixes

Microsoft Exchange Fix
The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has issued an emergency directive following the release of fixes for zero-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange.  On 2 March 2021, Microsoft released emergency security updates to fix four security holes in Exchange Server versions 2013 through 2019 that hackers were actively using to siphon email communications from Internet-facing systems running Microsoft Exchange. In...
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