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AI and Society: Balancing Excitement and Fear for the Future of Work

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made rapid strides in recent years, and its impact is being felt across a wide range of industries. While the potential benefits of AI are exciting, its rapid...

Understand The Future of Cybersecurity with Cyber AI Now!

There's so much exponential excitement, hype and buzz about the future of cyber security when it comes to AI. In recent years, the increasing complexity and frequency of cyber attacks have made...

Introduction To ChatGPT: The State-of-the-Art Language Model – Understand it Now

ChatGPT is a highly advanced language model developed by OpenAI that has taken the world by storm. With its ability to generate human-like text, ChatGPT has become the go-to choice for various...

Discover How Cybercriminals Are Now Using AI Chat for Evil Intent – Creating Code, Phishing & Malware

So is there a risk that OpenAI chat might be used for nefarious reasons? In a single word (in big sized font, screaming at you) YES!

Expert advice for building & maintaining a secure home network

In this post, we will provide tips and best practices for building and maintaining a secure home network, making it easier for you to protect your home and your personal information.

Become a Successful Cyber Security Analyst : Learn the Essential Skills You Need Now

In today's digital age where breaches have become much more frequent - cybersecurity is more important than ever before. With various data breaches occurring in 2022 such as Optus, Telstra, Medibank, and...

Multi-Factor Security: Essential Steps for Protecting Your Data & Accounts

I still get a lot of people asking me about multi-factor or two step- so thought I'd share this so that everyone can make the most of using it to protect your...

Essential Steps To Complete Now – Dealing With Fraud, Takeovers, & Scams

Are you a victim of an online scam or fraud? In the wake of all the cyber & data breaches that occurred in 2022 from Optus, Medibank, Telstra, and many others, there’s a...


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