Losing something that you can never replace

Precious memories. They’re loved for a very special reason – they happen once in a life time, and can never be replaced.

Moments in time together with your boyfriend, girlfriend, life-long partner, brother, sister, parents / grandparents & extended family that you can recall in your head, but are made very real in an instant with photos or videos from that point in time.  Stuff that should never ever be lost… and can never be replaced.

A bit closer to home than you think

The whole point of this post is help you connect with, and understand the gravity of losing precious files – be it your photos, videos, or documents when connected online.

I’ve been lucky enough to hear first hand stories directly from people I have met whilst discussing “online safety” and everything “cyber” over the years. It only hit me recently that I should share some of these stories anonymously and bring them back to life, to help more people learn from other people’s personal ‘experiences’ – note – not necessarily ‘mistakes’, but events in everyone’s increasingly everything online, digitally connected world.

You might be a new startup business owner who has invested your life and time into a new business – growing quickly & digitally, with the potential for great life success. But what if it was gone in an instant? I have several examples of this that I will share over the coming months.


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