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Want to kick start your career in cyber security?

There’s a lot of people becoming interested in a career in cyber security. Unfortunately some are interested mainly because they hear about the current cyber skills shortage, and see the big dollar signs ahead. I prefer folk who have a legitimate interest in cyber security – who are passionate about it, want to make a difference, enjoy getting their hands dirty (technically), and most importantly have good ethics and values to boot.

I like seeing people becoming passionate about cyber security – when they see why it matters, and hence why from time to time I help and mentor a handful of people, so that they can advance their journey in cyber security.

Another important trait that I look for when considering mentoring requests is people who understand the value of being pragmatic with those they interact with when dealing with security – as we all need to help businesses and innovation succeed… not get in the way or be a security road block. Better still, giving businesses a competitive & workable advantage through security.

The important thing for me is people who have an authentic and passionate understanding of why cyber security will become increasingly important as we continue to live in a world that is becoming increasingly digital, online, and inter-connected. Everything is connected –  from critical infrastructure we all use and depend on for our day to day existence such electricity, water…. to our online identity, our finances, health, interconnected homes, and mobile devices.

With everything we do, we are also sharing a lot of personal data online, whilst at the same time we are also leaving an ongoing data trail… which is stored / collected and used not only by us, but by business and organisations big and small (and governments too!). I think it’s becoming increasingly important that more people see the value and importance of protecting our data, understand how organisations use and handle personal data, and how they need to protect and appropriately configure the systems used ongoing. When things go wrong, they also need to appropriately respond to a data breach or security incident, with personal data at front of mind.

Want to chat?

If you’re interested in cyber security and would like some career advice, or want to meet me to discuss mentoring I’m more than happy to hear from people. If you’re in Australia, I’m happy to chat face to face over a quick coffee / beer. If somewhere else in the world, we can still chat and connect. I’ve helped out a number of grads, school students, people not in IT, people in IT, folks just starting out, as well as other friends who have moved into different roles in cyber security & IT risk. 

Mentoring does take up my personal time – and whilst I’d love to help as many people as possible, I do have a day job and a family – so apologies if i can’t give too much time, or commit to an ongoing dialogue.

Use the contact link on this page below to get in touch.

Feel free to get in touch using the contact page link below

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