iOS12-Apple’s focus on security & privacy for the masses


Given the heightened interest in all things Apple now that the September event is done and dusted and all the new toys are out, I thought it would be useful to provide a quick overview of some of the benefits & security features that come with the new version of iOS12.

The latest itteration of Apple’s updated operating system was first revealed earlier this year at the annual WWDC developer event in June, – and I’ve been playing with the various iOS12 beta versions since it was first released. Overall, it’s awesome to see Apple focus so much on security and privacy – and this will I’m sure strengthen people’s views of the company as one to trust.

iOS 12 Performance & Security Call Outs

Using iOS12 – I’ve seen significant performance improvements on older iPhone and iPad devices – so first off you will be impressed once you’ve upgraded.

Other big call out – they’re addressing some of the bigger security related challenges – bruteforce access to devices via USB, password re-use, and lastly encouraging the use of two factor. Let’s cover these in more detail:

USB Restricted Mode – take that GrayKey!

“USB restricted Mode” will make iOS device hacking much more difficult. This new security feature will prevent USB accessories from connecting to the device after your iPhone or iPad has been locked for more than an hour. This will help lockout certain ‘security’ devices (e.g. GrayKeys etc) which are sometimes used by customs / law enforcement to brute-force USB access to a iOS device and the data contained.

In-built Password Manager

Next improvement is that iOS12 now has an inbuilt password manager, which warns of password reuse. Your passwords are easily accessible with your fingerprint or your passcode. It stores all of your passwords for easy access, and will notify you if you’re using the same password across multiple sites / apps.

This for me is a great improvement for the masses as it encourages people to use a password manager. More importantly it also deals with one of the most common tricks that hackers use to try and get to your accounts – where they grab your exposed credentials from data breaches, and try to re-use them on other sites and services – hoping that you use the same password across multiple sites.

The iOS12 feature informs you if you are re-using the same password so that you can change it.

I have to admit that I probably won’t use this feature – as I’ve already been using LastPass password manager for quite some time now across all my Apple and non Apple devices, however I still think it’s a great improvement for people who don’t currently use a password manager, or re-use the same password across multiple sites.


Two-Factor Auth Improvements

Two-factor authentication is something that most people know about but often don’t enable – however it’s vital – as it adds an extra layer of protection on top of your username and password, so that even if your credentials were exposed, your account is still protected. Adoption of two factor / multi-factor has been pretty low to date, as it is sometimes inconvenient and sometimes a bit cumbersome to use.

This feature will therefore help make the process that much more convenient – but still secure. So when you are sent a two-factor code such as an SMS message or a push notification, iOS12 will use the code and automatically add it into the relevant field. This makes things much easier rather than having to copy and paste, or swap apps.

So – iOS12 is out now and ready to download. Upgrade time!


Your Comments Welcome

What’s your view on any of the other security related features of iOS12?

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