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New Apple iOS12 security features

New Apple iOS12 security features

Now that Apple’s iOS12 is finally out and available to the public, it’s an opportune time to focus in on some of the security related features that weren’t covered in their WWDC keynote. Here’s a quick run down of security related updates worth knowing about:   Integration with third party password managers to fill in passwords  iOS 12 can show passwords from password manager apps like 1Password and LastPass in QuickType suggestions through a new Password Manager API. We just need app developers to make use of the new API. Expect to see some app updates to fully integrate this, but basically will make password integration much easier. Great stuff!   SMS one-time passcode auto-fill Until now, iOS users had to always switch between apps and messages in order to copy and paste a two-factor SMS authentication code with apps you’re logging into. iOS 12 will now recognise these codes when they are received, and suggest them as an autofill option. Bear in mind that […]

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