One of the world’s most famous hackers – Kevin Mitnick’s opening Keynote

A good watch for those who aren't familiar with Kevin Mitnick and KnowBe4.

Internet of things security – what you need to know

Great overview of IoT security.

F-Secure video demonstration of cold boot attack

Cybersecurity company F-Secure published findings and a demonstration of cold boot attack. This particular attack has been around for a decade - but there's...

Cyber arms race explained… and how hackers could wirelessly bug your office (in...

A great watch...

Marc Goodman – a vision of crimes now, and in the near future

Scary wake up call looking at the darker underbelly of tech and society...
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Apple iOS13 security privacy features

New Apple iOS13.1 fix + security & privacy features you should know about

So, what's the big deal with Apple's iOS13 update besides Dark Mode and Apple Arcade? What's with the latest fix that's just...

#StaySmartOnlineWeek – Steps to lock down your online security

In the spirit of #staysmartonline week which runs from Monday the 7th to the 13th of October 2019, I thought Iā€™d share some handy...