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Apple turn off group Facetime after security issue discovered (on data privacy day). Eeek!

A major #Apple #FaceTime group chat bug has been recently uncovered allowing iPhone and Mac laptop users to call another device via FaceTime and hear audio on the other end, before the recipient has answered the call. The bug, reported by 9to5Mac has the ability to turn any iPhone into a hot mic without the user’s knowledge, representing a significant...

U.S. agencies back tech firms that deny China hacked their systems

So U.S. agencies backed tech firms that deny China hacked their systems. Whether the story from Bloomberg is true or false -  it’s fair to say given our current cyber arms race that there’s ‘potential’ for this scenario to happen. Theres several views and and theories on this one... an interesting debate for sure. Watch the video and share your views.      

50 million Facebook Users Impacted in Latest Breach

Tough times for Facebook at the moment - through the YouAs feature vulnerability.   Will Facebook be fined as a result of this attack? This video provides a quick summary of what's happened.

Amazon release Alexa “Guard”

A surprise Amazon Alexa event, where Alexa Guard plus other new products are announced. Watch the full event using the above video.

F-Secure video demonstration of cold boot attack

Cybersecurity company F-Secure published findings and a demonstration of cold boot attack. This particular attack has been around for a decade - but there's a slight twist - as the researchers have discovered a way around one of the safeguards used to stop this. Almost all modern computers are potential targets of a firmware hacking technique called the “cold boot...

Fortnite Credential Stuffing

Epic Games had to remove in-game purchases from Fortnite, because cyber criminals found a way to make good money in the expense of Fortnite players. In this video, our Security Advisor Sean Sullivan talks about the attack method used (credential stuffing) and tells how gamers can protect their accounts against these kind of exploits in the future. This gives a...

iParents eSafety guide released

If you are keen to keep your children safe online, you'll be glad to know that The Office of the eSafety Commissioner has recently published a new eSafety guide for parents. This is a very handy site - offering advice for parents of preschoolers that covers things like what to consider before giving your child their first smartphone, as well...

Lost Summer game released by eSafety office to build digital intelligence skills for kids

One for all parents of pre-teens & young teenagers... The eSafety Office has now released "The Lost Summer" - a role-playing video game, designed to be a highly engaging experience for 11-14 year olds - while building digital intelligence skills and encouraging online safety. https://esafety.gov.au/education-resources/classroom-resources/lost-summer  

Aus Gov releases draft Assistance & Access Bill

There's going to be a lot of debate over this one, as the Australian Government has just released a draft of their Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Bill 2018 (1.13MB PDF) The Assistance and Access Bill is intended to secure critical assistance from the communications industry, and enable law enforcement to investigate serious crimes. However it has...
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New report seems to reveal future of Apple line-up

In May, Uber launched a new experiment: selling train and bus tickets through its app for its customers in Denver, Colorado. Today, the company...

Roblox Parents Primer

Crying Baby Social Engineering