Apple fixes iOS 12.4 jailbreak vulnerability with 12.4.1


Earlier in August the internet came alight with excitement for the first time in years, as hackers managed to re-use an old jailbreak method for iPads and iPhones running the very latest version of iOS.

Rather a large embarrassing scenario for Apple, as it was only possible because a jailbreak vulnerability that had previously been fixed was some how inadvertently re-introduced into iOS as part of 12.4….. oops!

The good news for Apple is that they have released an update – iOS 12.4.1, which has closed this vulnerability once and (hopefully) for all. Bad news for jailbreakers though!

For many iPhone and iPad users the update will be automatically installed.

To manually update click on Settings > General > Software Update, and choose Download and Install.

Apple watchOS also received a security update – to 5.3.1

Update time!