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Cyber Culture & Awareness | Cyber Intel | Keynote Speaker

I'm very passionate about cyber security & the human related aspects.

I've had a number of consulting, architecture and management roles in security & infrastructure over the years.

I am often called upon to provide expert cyber security awareness, advice and insights to a variety of audiences - from boards / C level, to business & IT teams, as well as small business owners and parents alike.

I have trained at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), and I regularly present on cyber security, social engineering, cyber attack techniques, the dark web, and other popular cyber related subjects.

I have run a number of cyber security culture and awareness initiatives, including immersive cyber simulations, large scale awareness initiatives, and one-on-one executive cyber savvy sessions - making a huge impact on security culture. I enjoy presenting at events - from keynotes to more in-depth talks with various sized audiences.

I have also been involved with the implementation of a number of leading edge security capabilities, such as intelligence led advanced threat & data protection, and advanced user behaviour data capture & intelligence capabilities.

I love to write, present, and collaborate on all things cyber.

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