AWS Re:Invent 2014 Announcements Highlights

Ok, so there’s been lots of announcements and exciting news from the recent AWS re:Invent Las Vegas conference this week.


I therefore though it would be beneficial to provide a quick summary of some of the main new features / capabilities that are now officially out for those who need a quick update:

So just a load of cloud hype and new techno jargon!?!?…. well no – it’s actually a really big deal. Why?…. Well if you are not yet aware, AWS thrive on customer feedback and demand for new features from their key clients, so the new services are largely based on the requests from large companies and customers – some of which are big enterprises….  Even though Google and Microsoft are pumping millions of dollars to catch up, they’ve got a long way to go to keep up with the market leaders and innovators – AWS.

These are big features that will address a number of enterprise issues, concerns and challenges for the big players – but all can benefit as they are made available for all.

Ok, so let’s get into it…

New AWS Key Management Service :

Ok so I’m a security geek at heart, so this features the top of my list – the new fully-managed AWS Key Management Service (KMS) provides seamless, centralised control over encryption keys.


It provides a new option for data protection and relieves many of the more onerous scalability and availability issues that inevitably surface when you implement key management at enterprise scale.  This no doubt will improve over time, to offer more capabilities for those who take key management seriously.

AWS Config :

Configuration Management and Security / Audit guys are going to love this new service – AWS Config. It’s a new fully managed service that provides an AWS resource inventory, configuration history, and configuration change notifications to enable security and governance.


With AWS Config you can discover existing AWS resources, export a complete inventory of your AWS resources with all configuration details, and determine how a resource was configured at any point in time. These capabilities enable compliance auditing, security analysis, resource change tracking, and troubleshooting. This can also integrate with Splunk, providing additional visibility of config changes etc from a SIEM perspective. Great for ensuring full visibility from an enterprise perspective. 

AWS Aurora :

Received a lot of press and a lot of interest at the event. It’s basically a new relational database engine that combines the speed and availability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases.


Oracle – watch out!!!

AWS Service Catalogue :

A new tool that will allow IT departments to deliver AWS-powered services to internal users while maintaining consistency and control.


There’s more time to go at AWS re:invent, so I’m sure there will be more new announcements and new features still to come… so will update this page as more news appears publicly.

For those that want to see more, here’s the keynote highlights:

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