The changing landscape of Cyber / Security & that penny dropping moment

12 Jan

After a dramatic number of major global security breaches & incidents over the past couple of years – such as TargetRSASonyHackgate etc, as well as a massive surge of public interest as an outcome of the NSA surveillance scandal (Prism), it seems peoples perception and understanding of IT Security / Cyber Security has finally changed for the better.

The penny seems to be finally dropping at the top end of town that all businesses who rely on a solid online reputation, and ability to securely provide service in our highly connected world need to fully take on board the importance of Cyber Security.

The rapid growth of cloud based services and the increased take-up of SaaS (software as a service) by large businesses and enterprises has created excellent opportunities for businesses to leverage these capabilities and enable new and innovative services – however it’s important not to forget that these opportunities come with security challenges that need to be addressed. It can be done, however there’s an increased importance in getting security right.

After all these events over the past few years it is clear that it is no longer just us security guys fear mongering or being an insurance policy for things that never happen. Simply put – these incidents are happening, at an increasing rate. But it’s not all doom and gloom – we can protect and prevent this from happening.

I thought it would therefore be useful to share a small selection of videos I’ve come across recently which convey this message…